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Lensblr Photo Submission

Submitting your Photography to Lensblr

Lensblr handles submissions a bit differently than other Tumblr blogs.  Normally, Tumblr ‘submissions’ require people to re-upload their photos.

But we think it's better to reblog photos that are already on Tumblr.

This page makes it easy to link and submit your photos.

Submissions Policy

  1. You may submit 1 post per day.
  2. Photosets may have a maximum of 4 photos.
  3. Submissions must link to an existing Tumblr post – you can't upload a photo, or link to a photo outside of Tumblr.

We get around 200 submissions every day, so please understand we can't publish every submission.

It usually takes about 10–14 days for us to reblog the submissions we accept.

Thank you for submitting!